A case of typeface OCD?

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Currently my favourite MS Office font is Century Schoolbook. For some reason I fear the font will stop being supplied with future versions of MS Office. There is no reason why that should ever happen, but I can't help the thought.

Does anyone else have a similar fear? Otherwise it really must be a case of OCD...

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You're generally justified in assuming that if there's anything Microsoft can f*** up, they will. But after 96 years, Century Schoolbook has claimed a secure spot in the typographic canon.

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And it's not like new versions of Office will remove the fonts from your system anyway.

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I hope Si Daniels doesn't read this...

You're right that Century Schoolbook has claimed a secure spot. It has been supplied with MS Office since version 4.3 (1994), so it seems very unlikely indeed.

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Actually for many years now MS has been producing far better typographic tools than any of its rivals, in particular the navel-gazing fruit.


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I have to agree. I find their feeiling of supriority quite extraodinary. Though, their version of Baskerville does look better.

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But since Century Schoolbook is used for U.S. Supreme Court briefs, it's impossible the font will be discontinued. Tens of thousands of documents would become useless.

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Couldn't hurt to keep a backup of the font around!

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That would be the best solution, of course :)

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I have to agree with Hrant here: the ClearType typefaces (Constantia, Corbel, Cambria, etc.), for instance, are incredibly efficient tools. And let’s not forget also all the remarkable work done for them by Matthew Carter.

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"And let’s not forget also all the remarkable work done for them by Matthew Carter."

... on his Macintosh.

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I just wish Apple would pay for something like Sitka as opposed to something like Helvetica Ultra Anorexic.


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