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This looks like a very mainstream comic face, so I was sure I would find it quickly at Comicraft, but in fact I could not find it there - or on Blambot (had it been there, it would have had to have been one of their pay fonts).

I did see some faces on Blambot that did resemble this face in certain details, even though they weren't a match, and it's entirely possible I just missed the right face somewhere at Comicraft.

I've looked around at other possible sources of comic book fonts, and JY Camelot, no longer available anywhere, looks like a possibility. I also checked Canada Type, but I didn't go through all their comic book faces, so that's still a possibility too.

Might Makes Right at Blambot, and Meanwhile at Comicraft, both have a similar feel, but neither one is a match.

O.K. I've got a source: All-New Ghost Rider 004. No additional samples yet.

Now I've found some.

And now I see why I couldn't find a match.

This comic, by the major comics publisher Marvel, used real hand lettering... by Joe Caramagna.

Actually, it might be a font - a lettering studio, Virtual Calligraphy, established by one Chris Eliopoulos, does lettering, apparently exclusively for Marvel (they don't have a web site) using fonts they've made for their own internal use, so if it is a font, it's not generally available.

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