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I would appreciate if you assist me urgently with these typefaces, thank you very much.

Today, Blacklight and ITC Cerigo
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3. El Poderoso:

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4. Yogur: URW Blacklight Becker

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5. Benecol: E&F or ITC Cerigo (Medium and Italic)

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1. '': could be Eurostile

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2. Colanta is most likely drawn by hand. Some typefaces that capture a similar look and feel:

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Colanta almost looks like Doyald Young's Eclat manually condensed a bit and then "trimmed" here and there.

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Mike, I think you're right.

The C, a (top), and t (top) are a dead-on match, the top of the l has been angled to match the top of the t, the o cleaned up, and the bottom of the vertical strokes of the l, a, n, and t spiked.

Great eye.

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