Typecon 2014 font?

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Tried whatthefont to no avail, looks familiar.. but I can't find it. Any help?

tc14-header-1950x780-r1.gif44.5 KB


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thanks in advance

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Michael Place of the UK firm Build designed the identity:

His firm's website features FontDeck fonts, which led me to Maison Mono Bold:

Anyone else care to weigh in as to whether they think it's a close match?

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Also http://www.milieugrotesque.com/typeface-maison
Have not seen anything closer. Perhaps an adaptation. At first glance, only the slashed _0_ stood out as being really different. But Maison could be adapted to match the identity.

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It's Maison Neue.


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I forgot that this was already discussed at http://typophile.com/node/116573 Note the conclusion that this is a custom variation of Milieu Grotesque’s Maison Neue Mono created specifically for the TypeCon 2014 identity by Build.

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Damn, and I thought I had been first to follow the trail of breadcrumbs...

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