Best way of drawing h circumflex

Hey guys!
I hope you can help me decide what's the best/prettiest way of designing the Esperanto letter h circumflex (ĥ)
Personally, I don't really like any of the usual ways because it's either too high or too offset in my opinion
Designing my new font, Stenfree, i tried different options.
The first one looks kinda pretty but I'm not sure about legibility, though. Number two to four are the typical approaches.

Thanks in advance

PS: I didn't do kerning & hinting yet. That's why the text-preview is so pixelated/low quality :)

Here are the letters in higher resolution:

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Why just these four choices? You could also cut a bit the back of the hat and the h ascender might optically compensate?

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A lenghty discussion on the subject here:

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I’ve experimented with a slightly lower alternate h, so that the accent doesn’t stick too high.

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Blue and violet confusing at low resolution -- similar to fraktur h. Green and gold unambiguous. Olive suggested by Michael looks good. Just an opinion.

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Good points in thread 68302. I like Michel Boyer's suggestion above. Probably you'd want to design a slightly smaller circumflex instead of merely cropping the normal one, of course.

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Objective of clarity at smaller scale suggests possibility of compressing width of circumflex for lower height version rather than reducing size to avoid horizontal offset.

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