Please help with font management

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Sorry if this is not the right place to post this question, but I have scoured the internet and have no idea where to turn for answers. I am very NEW to the love of Typography so please forgive my ignorance that exists on many levels.

Since my newly found appreciation for fonts, font families and typeset in general, I have realised a painful truth that I have many unnecessary and ugly fonts on my machine. I learned about font managers and how they can help sort and manage all of my fonts. So, after a bit of research, I settled on and downloaded Nexus Font, eager to begin. It sounded like a great, easy solution... until I actually tried to figure out where to start this whole process. I began with copying my Window/Fonts folder to a new location on a separate but local drive.

This is where my confusion begins because the copied folder doesn't resemble my actual Windows/Fonts folder at all. There are many many fonts in my copied folder that do not even show up in my Windows/Fonts folder. Most of these have a red "A" icon associated with them and (I think) they are system fonts or something . Anyway... some of these fonts are listed SEVERAL times in the copied folder I created and some seem to be "greyed out" as if they are there but not installed. I'm very confused by this and am not sure how to proceed. I am currently using Windows Vista. Can anyone help me understand this a little better?

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