Several Save the Date cards title script

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I am looking for this font to make some creative cards for an event. I have seen it in several places and really like it. Can anyone help me out?

closest font - Dasha
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Looks handwritten: /a, /e and /t are different shapes when duplicated.

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With contextual alternates and stylistic sets, a typeface can approximate the variability of a hand-drawn script. While I didn't find a match to your sample, the fonts below may be decent alternatives: (turn on Stylistic Sets)

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Unfortunately, can't state if it's hand-drawn or typeset using many alternates. But to follow Kevin's great suggestions, I suggest not stopping to each individual font but having also a look to their corresponding foundries: Trial by Cupcakes, Magpie Paper Works, Emily Lime, Laura Worthington plus Debi Sementelli, Great Lakes Lettering and Eurotypo

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