Compyx: a free multicolor font — where to publish?

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Hi there,

A while ago I created Compyx, a multicolor font (using Abdobe/Mozilla's SVG-in-OpenType technique). It'll show up like your average singlecolor font in browser that don't support this yet, but it'll show up in classic green/gray colors in Firefox, and soon Chrome.

You can download the TTF/WOFF in the blog post.

I was wondering if you know a good place to upload this font so it can be used by more people. It's pretty much open source/public domain.

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Thansk! Signing up for Openfontlibrary is impossible from Chrome, the captcha is invisible... But signing up through Firefox works.

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I just release the font on github under the SIL Open Font License, for those interested!

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Because Typophile is https impaired.

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