The Fault in Our Stars Text Message Fonts - 2 Needing Identification

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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here can help me identify these 2 fonts. I posted it on the WhatTheFont forum with no luck as of yet. I've tried to find them myself with no luck and so I'm hoping you guys can help me.

Thank you all so much, I REALLY appreciate it!


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Not commercially available, but hand-drawn specifically for the movie, per this article:

Read the paragraph that begins with the heading "How were the shots of the texts produced?"

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Dang! Are there any that are similar to these that you could suggest?

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Hundreds. Go to and type "handwriting" and "casual" and "single-story a" into the search field and you'll get 1,800+ hits. A couple of suggestions for each (roughly approximate to the originals):

Upper right:

Lower left:

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