Parka Alternatives

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We are developing a website for a company that uses Parka as its primary font:

Since it is not offered as a webfont yet we are searching for an alternative that would be suited for web use. Currently I've found a range of FontFonts that share a similar character:

does anyone have any other alternatives he/she can recommend?

Thanks in advance,

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I just tweeted to Font Bureau about this thread, they said to email info@webtype and they can usually help in these kind of cases.


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Why wouldn't FB post in this thread themselves?


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Forgive us; the font monkeys just alerted us to this thread as we had been emailing with this customer directly.


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Hi Paley... I'm no monkey....

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Dear Sye:

My apologies. I was referring to our Twitter font monkey who referred me to your tweet.

No monkeys were harmed in the typing of this message.


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