Blackletter / Gothic

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Trying to identify a font from some letters spliced together from an album cover (The Repos - Live Munitions). I have a feeling it could be hand drawn, but am looking for something remotely similar. Any help is appreciated!

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Lettering has some similarity to the Gothic font called Oldeworld used on IBM selectric typewriters

No digital AFAIK.

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Doesn't match OP sample, but here is "OldeWorld-Bold" identified as IBM Corp. 1989. Wonder if it is true?

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Nothing really even close to matching. Some handwrtten - style pseudo-frakturs that might work with some alteration:

Robert Schenk's Gothamburg and Bene Cryptine, Jerry Landers' Gourdie Gothic and Graham Meade and apostrophe's LaBrit.

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Dick, looks like the same font. My sample was from a typescript and looks heravier because of ink spread from the ribbon. Yours shows more detail, as if it was direct from an IBM catalog. Both demonstrate the difficulty of squeezing Old English capitals into a monospace format.

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