Gothic style font

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Hey guys, I am not sure what font this is, any ideas? Thanks

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Didn't find a close match, but Testament has the same feel:

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thank you for your suggestion. I believe that font will do!

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Good suggestions Kevin.
Grange is the name used for a circa 1900 [just a guess as to date] Art Nouveau font found at p. 53 of Dan X. Solo's big catalog of his typeface purchases, but I don't know if this was the original name or the original designer or foundry. The unusual word "Grange" seems to have originated as a term for a farming estate belonging to a monastery but in the context of circa 1900 it may have referred to "The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry" See wiki at which includes a link to a colorful poster from 1873. Unfortunately Wiki says nothing about a font called Grange.

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