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I have recently purchased a copy of this book by Doyald Young. It is a great read but I am having some trouble finding a couple of the faces that he mentions.

on page 133 of the book the typefaces 'Kristal' and 'Vogue' are mentioned in a roundup of faces 'paying homage to Futura'
My google skills may be lacking but I thought I would throw it out there.

Any ideas?


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still looking for Kristal

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I think you may be referring to Kristall Grotesque, originated by Weber in 1937. It was sold by other metal foundries under the names Polar, Rund Grotesk, Saxo and Predilecta, as well as others (source: Jaspert). There may be digital incarnations under any of those names.

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Thank you George. Really appreciate the help

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