History of Prisoner typestyle

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I am curious about the origin and history of Prisoner typestyle, as found here:


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Research for Digital Sans which seems to be the original design.

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Thank you. That helped. Appears that Digital Sans was created by the Brendel Type Studio around 1974-78. I would also be curious to hear any thoughts or opinions about this typestyle, if anyone is inclined to comment.

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Some more info about this type of letter form

----start quote---
Based on the classic Sol design by Marty Goldstein and C.B. Smith, published by VGC in 1973, Sol Pro goes above and beyond the call of revival/retooling to include plenty of optical improvements to the original design, more weights, italics, small caps, biform shapes, alternates, and extended language support.

This particular design is one of the more prominent forefathers and strong influencers of the soft, streamlined aesthetic that has been going strong in branding and geometric design for more than 40 years now. It cuts all links to melancholy and classic empire shapes, and introduces smooth contrast modulation that communicates sleek, adaptable youth, confidence, knowledge, and modern hi-tech presence. This is not your grandfather’s Eurostile. This is your offspring’s global hope, optimism, and total awareness.
----end quote---


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On Sol pages shown in VGC catalog from 1980s the font had Thin, Plain, Heavy and Fat weights.

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Thanks for the extra information. I have to confess that I am not a typestyle afficionado, but for some reason, on those few occasions where I need to use a specific font for a project, I like to know as much about its history as possible.

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