Looking for a web master

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Hi everyone
I'm in search of a web master for my site, which is going to be based on a template I purchased.
What I basically require to be modified is the logo, texts, images including portfolio, accommodation of the menu titles to the subjects of the pages, some color scheme changes, setting up a contact form, having some redundant elements removed.
Here's the template I will use for my site so you get the idea about the extent of work
And lastly I need installation as well
Thank you!!!

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Are you offering job? I guess this is not the right place to seek for an webmaster.

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What Anila said.

But please do come here for anything type-related!


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Maybe they are spamming for flashmint, as this is the 3rd link they've posted to that site.

If not, the poster should try a different site as this isn't the place to find web masters.

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