Glyph not "installing" after generating font using FontLab 5

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I must say that I'm total newby when it comes to OpenType fonts. I use fonts to create wedding invitations in Latvian language. As most of free fonts available do not have glyphs that are in my language (such as ĀĒĪČŠ etc), I used HighLogic FontCreator to add missing glyphs and everything went well for me. (I never resell or redistribute fonts).
But now I have an OpenType font that is missing just one glyph - Imacron. As the FontCreator does not allow me to save edited OTF font back to its original OpenType and I do love the OpenType features, I had to search for other software.
I purchased the FontLab 5 software, generated my missing glyph and assigned it with unicode 012A. When I test font using the softwares Quick Test As feature, it writes my letter Ī perfectly, but when I generate font and install it, it does not show my created Ī.
I would greately appreciate any help on this, because I already suspect that the solution probabbly is something very simple...

Thanks in advance,

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Never mind - I figured that it was a Windows glitch, because I saved the font with different name and installed it as that and my new glyph works seemlessly! Well I did say it will be something simple :)

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FontCreator 8 does support most common OpenType Layout features, so I'm sure you can easily accomplish your task with it.

Do send me the font project file so I can look into this.

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