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Design Brief – Logo
The Geelong Football Umpires' League provides umpires to officiate community level Australian Rules Football matches across several competitions in the Geelong and greater Barwon region of south west Victoria in Australia. We are a Not-For-Profit organization of just over 300 members who officiate at senior and junior level competitions. There are two primary target audiences apart from our active membership:
(1) The prospective recruiting group from ages 13 to 30 and
(2) The other stakeholders of Aussie Rules competitions in our region including over 5,000 player participants, club and league officials and their supporters.
Umpiring local Aussie Rules football is our sport; we do it to be involved in the game we enjoy; it is our recreation and hobby; we aim to have fun but we also take our officiating as serious business to support the game properly without fear or favour.
Your task is to develop a new logo. This logo, along with the words Geelong Umpires will be used to represent the Geelong Football Umpires' League. Your design needs to incorporate both graphic and text elements.

GFUL Logo design: From my research I found that they're uniforms are organge and black so I wanted to incorporate that into my design somehow. I also wanted the word "umpires" to stand out most and look strong as the umpires are who control and officiate the game. Personally when I think of AFL umpires I think of their hand signals when a team scores points so that was the the main image I wanted to use. I also used the shape of a football to border the type and graphics used.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to Typophile, Stephanie.

A few thoughts.... If you're going to use a football shape, I'd try to keep the logo that shape, rather than putting it in a box. "Geelong" looks almost like an afterthought in that small, handwritten font; I'd make it big and bold, probably centered over Umpires. I'm not sure what that thick black line is supposed to represent (hand signal? map?); I'd avoid mixing too many different elements in a logo. Keep it simple.

I'd suggest putting Geelong and Umpires in the same font, bigger, delete the box and the odd black line, make the ball orange and the type white, and see how that looks. (Is this mostly for men? If so I might pick a font that look a bit more bold and angular.)

Designing a logo is hard, keep working on it!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. My close family and friends don't want to hurt my feelings so I'm continually getting "that looks great", which isn't helping me in the long run.

I didn't mean to box it as such I was more so putting it on an orange background as that is the colour of their t-shirt. So I would have been better off actually putting the logo on an orange T-shirt to show where I was coming from?

I really wanted to steer away from using a football as that seems to be everyone's idea. With the thick black line it is supposed to be the hand signal for when they award points but it's not obvious enough I've come to realise. Originally I just had that line but it didn't 'scream' aussie rules football so that's why i gave it the football shape.

I'll take on board what you've said and make a few adjustments, thank you :-)

I did just have another play around with and rearranged the two images. Family and friends like it better because the hand signal is more obvious but I'm thinking it's possibly, again, too many elements?

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Agreed. It's currently to busy. Simplify. Your original start wasn't to bad. I might suggest removing the hand/arm illustration and simply focus on the football shape and four lines representing what I think is the football grip area. The suggestion of centering would be a great way to create hierarchy. Font choices might need a little attention. They currently don't say athletes/sports. Here's a super quick sketch.

Also, I would suggest not outlining any fonts. Personal preference. =)

Good luck!

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You've still got too many elements, but the arm is a lot clearer now.

I was thinking of something simpler like this. (This is just a quick version that needs more work)...

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Thanks guys! Back to the drawing board for me ;-)

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I took on board what people said about it being too dismantled and having too many elements going on. Also I changed the font as many suggested what I had wasn't cutting it. My assessor also wanted me to work with one of my original ideas so I did and this is what I came up with....

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The letter spacing needs some tweaking and that gray/orange double shadow looks a bit odd to me, but it's a big improvement!

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Yay! Thank you for all your advice JamesM :-) I've recommended this site to others as it is very helpful receiving constructive criticism! :-)

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