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hey everyone,

this board has been incredibly helpful to so many past requests, so I’m really looking forward to your replies!

I’m currently working for a client and I am looking for a squarish typeface with rounded edges. So far I am rather pleased with typesupply's »Torque« – however it’s lacking a semibold between medium and bold – the bold face is a little to heavy for this design that we're aiming for.

I’m having a hard time finding proper alternatives to torque, because it is very specific, so I was hoping maybe one of you folks knows a similar typeface?

thank you in advance!

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Thanks so much for your first replies! This is for a whole corporate design, so it has to work as a logo font as well as headlines. :)

I like Brooklyn and Blender a lot, but both have sharp corners. My aim was to find that squared-sans feeling with rounded corners, similar to Torque.

If you look closely, all those sharp little edges have been rounded off, which gives it a less aggressive feel.

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Typesupply created these for House Industries which might have something useable for you:

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As mentioned earlier, Klavika fits what you are after. Also have you seen Alphaville?

Another option is to approach Village or Typesupply directly and ask them about the weight you are after. I've down that before and found foundries are usually quite helpful.

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