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I don't know what is it.
An enhanced image may help somebody to find it:

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I found the custom printer in Syracuse, NY, who created these letterpress invitations, and their inspiration gallery features another invitation that uses the same typeface:

It appears to be an outline version of AW Conquerer (italic glyphs) designed by Jean François Porchez. It is available (seemingly for free) at

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There are nine AW Conqueror fonts. They are indeed free. If you do not already have a Typofondrie account you need to create one. You want the AW Conqueror Didot Light. The swash letters are called A.alt etc.

I have no information on an outline version.

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The fonts can also be had (perhaps a bit easier) from the website.

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Here is G in the style of the outline font used in the invitation.
The recipe is to use a parallel lines feature in a program that can manipulate fonts, set the lines at 10 points in and 10 out, and edit to delete unneeded lines. To make the tangle of lines easier to handle, I did it in three stages: 1. 10 points out; 2. 10 points in for the fill; 3. paste the cleaned up fill from 2. into the cleaned up outline from 1. I used Fontlab. There are other tools.

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Thank you all so much!

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