New York Times headlines 1960

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Hello everybody. I have to recreate the entire front page of The New York Times from 1960 and I'm wondering if anyone here might know what they used to typeset the following:

– the main headlines
– the date & price etc in the masthead
– subheadings
– main body copy

Thank you for any advice!


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The main headlines are all versions of Cheltenham.

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As for the nameplate -- the part that looks similar to Old English -- this was hand-drawn. English Towne is a very rough approximation. In 1967 the New York Tunes adopted "Imperial" as the running text font. I don't know what it used before then.

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Thank you! Both very useful.

Do you have any ideas about what the tall san-serif subhead font might be? I was thinking maybe Akzidenz, but it seems a bit rounder-edged or something?

Sorry for lack of technical terminology

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