70's Library LP Font

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Looking for the type and the "53".

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The 53 is really unusual.
I don't recognize this photolettering era font but if you are in luck someone will. A modern font by Nick Shinn that is almost there


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Linotype Plak Sans is close for letters but not the numerals - as Don pointed out the numerals are different.

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Bob, Plak Blak is a good find. Plak Black Condensed is quite close for most of the letters in the image

Only the _S_ stands out as being too rounded. Perhaps this photo lettering era font is a revision of Paul Renner's design for Plak Black Condensed. Most people would not notice if it was used as a substitute for the letters, particularly if the _S_ is adjusted and the punctuation replaced.
The numbers appear to be from an entirely different font. If they had to be made from scratch, I would start with an _8_ to make the _3_.

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Thanks to you both...appreciated. I think Plak will work out fine...

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