Hajnal website font - solved - Signika

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Thanks in advance...the font used on this website.

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Anna Giedryś' Signika
Quoting R. from thos post

Here’s one handy thing to know: If you want to identify a webfont, you can select the text that uses it, right-click on your selection and then select ‘Inspect Element’ from the context menu (in Firefox and Chrome). The font name will be shown on the right-hand side in the panel at the bottom of the screen. You might want to click on the tab ‘Fonts’ in Firefox or ‘Computed’ in Chrome for a neater overview.

Other handy option for Chrome user only: Chrome WhatFont app by Chengyin Liu. Click the toolbar app icon and simply hover html text to reveal the webfont name.

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Thank you, and thanks for the tip...

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