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Another odd font from a 70's LP cover...any guesses?

Thanks again...!

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Looks like it might have been an edited version of Trade Gothic Extended http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/trade-gothic/

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Sorry Don, I don't see that. The 't' is a contemporary Gothic style, similar to that used in House Chalet 1980. I know Chalet is newer than the sample, but it is based on older designs that were probably photo-lettering types.

- Mike Yanega

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Trade Gothic Ext, with width at 110% with phototype era style edits.

In my opinion it was well within the ability of the photo lettering people to whip up a custom version of these letters from Trade Gothic Ext at this width.
For _t_, use _u_, deleting the rhs vertical stroke and adding an adjusted version of the crossbar from the old _t_.
For _r_ use _n_, deleting the rhs vertical stroke and part of the top curve
Tighten the spacing so that the curved strokes on new _t_ and new _r_ overlap _e_.
To settle the matter, it would be worth while to check though the photo-lettering stock sans fonts offered in 1970 to see if they had one like this.

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I don't do giddy very often, but this has me, uh...giddy. Technique worked perfectly...you guys are truly amazing. THANKS...!

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I'm happy you were able to follow my little recipe.

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