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I'm working to extended my font to new alphabets, as arab, now is available, in latin, cyrillic.
But the arab is becoming one of the hardest steps of my work. Unlike the latin now I having problems to evaluate the space between the letters and the high of some of the glyphs.

I do not know the Arabic language, nor Russian.

Below are a few words written in Arabic, can you tell me if they are spelled correctly?

Thank you

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Have you tried comparing your typeface with a regular arabic typeface in your operating system? Because the sample you are showing here seems a bit illegible to me. I can read arabic script but not the arabic language just farsi. Contrast is reversed in arabic script so horizontal lines are thicker. This is not a universal rule but this could make your design ugly or beautiful in eyes of many designers. I can't point to some of the glyphs here but the last letter in the fifth line should be similar to the second letter in the seventh line and the difference is only in the dots. But in your design shape of the base character is also different which in the fifth line looks better. Any way you are better off showing the character set view of the font.

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You're going to need the concerted help of a "native" – there's too much to fix here.


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Maybe after the following examples it's still illegible, but I've tried

general style of the font

original text

my version

I'm working hard but probably what you are suggesting it's the only way

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Your reference is a sort of decorative style, not very texty. That said:

First word: the faa' looks like a ghayn; the noon looks like a zayn.
Second word: the haa' looks like a meem.


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I started from the Kufic calligraphy


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