Help in finding the names of 12 fonts please

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Hi, I apologise for the amount of fonts I am trying to find.

I particularly like the 'bubble fonts' meaning how there is just the stroke of the outside text and hollow on the inside, never know quite how to search for font description.

I have numbered the fonts to make it easier.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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You might like the fonts at Blambot:

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Blambot, already suggested, and Comicraft are worth exploring for these types of fonts.

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1: Chicken Scratch AOE
2, 8: Pigae
3, 4, 7, 11, 12: Twelve Ton Goldfish
5: Buttons the Bear
6a: Eldes Cordel 1 (Medium)
6b: Chiller LET [Letraset, 1995]
7: See above
8: See above
9: Air Cut (Light) [Typodermic, 1997]
10: also Air Cut (Light) [Typodermic, 1997]
11: See above
12: See above

All fonts are from except 6b, most of them are manually emboldened and note that in most cases they are not actually "hollow" but the designer decided to draw only the outline stroke or to add an extra thick outline to separate them from the background.

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Wow, guys thank you so much.

I amazed by the knowledge here :)

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WOW... What an impressive piece of software you developed, Fivos...

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Ryuk: Agree.

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Thank you guys :)
In fact these "comic fonts" are the easiest and faster to find with Find my Font as they have very distinct glyphs ;)
I haven't spend more than 15 min to find all 12 fonts...

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