Looks like Optima, but isn't?

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This is probably stupidly easy, but I've been trying to identify this font so that I can purchase it and I'm really struggling because I know next to nothing about typography! From my own searching and peering, it looks like Optima Bold, but without the swelling(?) at the terminals.

Anyway, if someone could be kind enough to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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I can only confirm your hunch of Optima. May be simply customized?

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There have been 'versions' of Optima, such as Image Club's Omni (sample attached), which did not use the slight flaring of the terminals. I suspect that was an easier way to re-create a font that had much of the same feel, without exactly copying the font. Your sample may be one of those Optima look-alikes.

- Mike Yanega

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