Vtg Stencil US No. 2 / Vtg Stencil Ornaments A

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astype releases Vtg Stencil US No. 2 and Vtg Stencil Ornaments A

available on Myfonts:
Vtg Stencil US No. 2 | Vtg Stecnil Ornaments A

companien fonts: Vtg Stencil US No. 51 | Vtg Stencil US No. 72

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Based on real stencils? Well, it shows. For the record, I need only walk about a kilometre to spot a collection of old herring barrel stencils.

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Sorry, not exactly on-topic, but since you're here... Just yesterday I noticed the ampersand in your Secca, and was wondering: how did you decide on that form?


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