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I have an antique custom-lettered / engraved book cover that I'm trying to trace and use the general style of the type to create a logo for a band.

Right now I'm trying to turn a capital P into an R. I'm not sure if this is the kind of leg I should use or not, but so far it's the only one that has looked ok. Hoping for some advice / critique on this. Thanks so much!


P (original):

pennsylvania-illustrated-R1.gif16.82 KB
pennsylvania-illustrated-R2.gif8.76 KB
pennsylvania-illustrated-P2.gif7.53 KB
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I just realized this is totally a spam double-post. I forgot about my other topic in the Logos forum. Please forgive me and feel free to delete this post, mods.

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That leg looks great! Assuming the letter is supposed to be going "uphill".


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I agree that it looks great, but it is too wide. The original is a condensed design and the new leg extends outward too much. Otherwise, good job!

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Thanks George, I appreciate the useful feedback. Spot on. I'd love for you to take a look at the finished design when it's done (I'm about 1/3 of the way through the rest of the letters now) and tell me if you still think the leg extends too far. I agree with you that normally it shouldn't, but as the leading character in the logo I wonder if it won't end up looking better over-extended as it is now. Can't wait to get the rest of the characters finished so we can see in context!

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Your design of the leg has a lot of flair, No matter how you make it narrower it's going to loose some of this. Here is one possible starting point. This is clip & paste on a jpeg image. In vector the curves of the leg could be improved considerably.

The bowls on _R_ are often do not descend as far as the bowls on _P_. An idea might be to shift the bottom of the bowl on _P_ upward before doing this type of leg for the _R_.

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Another option with this design is a concave leg on the _R_.

This one looks more Victorian.

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Great critique George.

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