Antique Custom-Letter WIP

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I'm working on a logo for a band, based on this antique 19th-century book cover I found.

And so far it's going better than I thought it would. This is a screengrab from illustrator:

Looking for advice on what I have so far, and on turning this "P" into an "R". Does anyone know of a typeface that's similar in form I could look at for reference?

If I get better at this I might try and go for a full typeface, rather than just a 9-letter logo, but at the moment I'm not so sure...

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How about:

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Bojev, thanks so much for taking the time to make that! I would never have thought of that kind of leg. Super helpful.

I really like yours, and this is the one I just made before I saw your post... now I can't decide which style to go with...

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That second leg looks great! Assuming the letter is supposed to be going "uphill".

The first one has a certain oriental feel.


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Thanks hrant, it's definitely supposed to be going uphill (see original image above)

I've been staring at it for so long, I was starting to get worried that it looked terrible and I just couldn't tell. Having another pair of eyes on it helps tremendously.

I still love bojev's option and I'm torn, but I feel pretty confident to move on to the rest of the letters for now. I'll definitely post more when I have more.

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Maybe combine a bit from each - I like the terminal on yours.

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bojev - I like that idea. Going to try it when I get the other letters done and see.

quick update:

(final text will say Ridgelings)

Only 3 letters left to go! These will have thinner stripes in the hollow parts. Hoping I can get away with the cheap way I did it on the R.

I was super worried about drawing on a curve, (instead of on a straight line and arc-ing the whole thing later) but I'm really pleased with how it's going!

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Finished design. I can't decide whether to keep the flags or not. Thanks to all of you for your insights, may be revisiting this tomorrow but I'm done for the night.

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