Identify Typographical Ornament Used in this Logo

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I need to recreate this logo and finally identified the typeface (Gabriola). Now I'm trying to find out where the typographic ornament came from. I traced the element in Illustrator but it is hard to tell from this low resolution image how close I am to the original. I discovered that this character is called a hedera. Learn something new everyday! If anyone can ID this, I'd appreciate it. This is my first post to this forum so I hope I've posted this request correctly!



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This is an old design and probably in several fonts.
For example see capital letter P in Collins Florets
You could use as is or smooth the looping curves in a font editor.
The bottom of the thick part is supposed to be irregular, like a vine leaf.

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Good Find Don!

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Thanks for the ID Don! I knew someone on this board would be able to identify this for me.

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