Critique my first attempt at a typeface?

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I wanted to experiment with making a typeface in a casual, unsophisticated way, as an educational experience. I'd like to try and get technical like you good folks at some point, and make some really crisp & clean fonts, but I know there's a big learning curve waiting for me. So this was just a quick & dirty project.

I love the font used in the movie poster for Hanna, and saw that there wasn't a full typeface out there yet, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This is just a screengrab out of Illustrator, with some alternate characters below. I love the tension between the vertical lines in every character (so, a total of 3 distinct characters...) in the movie poster, so I was disappointed when I couldn't give every character those vertical lines. It just started to look like a B.C./caveman font... So I looked at some fonts with similar "A"s and decided to go with some rounded characters.

Also please note, I have no idea where this falls in the grey area between rip-off and paying homage, but this project was just for fun, I have no desire to profit on anyone else's work, so if anyone's concerned about that, feel free to advise me, I don't even have plans to release this font on a free site unless someone really wants it for some reason.

Not sure if it's good enough or if there's glaring changes I should make, besides cleaning up & tightening the respective sizes and margins and such...

Any critiques or advice for me with this little project?

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Apologies for the image spilloff there, I can't find how to edit the post.

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