Any idea on the fonts here? One is like Brewmeister, but not quite...

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I thought I posted this the other night, but no posts show up in my profile?

Anyway, original artwork done by a signmaker who passed away.
The business asked me to recreate the logo.

Any ideas on these two fonts? The script is similar to Brewmeister.
Barbador was the closest I came to the "Bar & Grill" line.

Do you think hand drawn?

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This is the same request you posted in but with a larger picture and a second font suggestion.
In my opinion this is hand lettering rather than fonts as such.
I have not been able to get any closer than Font Mesa's Brewmaster [Your "Brewmeister"?] and note that it was based on an old Budweiser logo.
This type of script was popular in the decades around 1900. We sometimes lump them together as "Baseball" scripts. See for example Fenway Park JF Philly Sport Script is close except for the J.
Another possible alternative is Arizona
For this type of business a script based on an old Miller beer logo, like Font Mesa's Draft Beer might be adaptable.
As for "Barbador" I am not certain as to which font this is.

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Thanks, Don, my first time posting here and I could not locate my first post. I saw Fenway in my search and saw that it was similar... I will check the others.

And I did mean Brew Master. Thanks, again.

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BAR & GRILL: I never did find anything with a name like Barbador. You could do the letters from scratch or edit a heavy flare-serif like Clearface Gothic or URW Agenda

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