(x) Art of Illustration - Techno (stretched) {Cody B.}

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The client is Art of Illustration- a gallery specializing in the original illustrations of Vargas, pin-up, childrens book illustrations, etc.
I am crunching print deadlines and need some help. I have seen this and should know what it is but my mind is going blank.
Art Of Illustration.jpg

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Funny. I immediately thought of Chicago.
The closest thing I can find is Koloss.


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This is gonna sound really scary, but the closest font to this one is Apple's own Chicago!

Squished down by say 60-70% or so.

Way too funny!

Stuart :D

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Radiant has some similarities as well, but I don't think that's it either.


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thanks for all the help. I am still not getting the exact match so it is down to the wire and drawing it from the scan. I am guessing it may be a modified Charcoal or Radiant.

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You're all close: it's a widened Apple Techno. I swear, I'm seeing that font everywhere these days.

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Charcoal's closer, I think.

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I agree with Cody B... Ive even used it myself...alot...dont ask why... some kittens you like more than others for no apparent reason..

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