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The problem is it is very hard to find any viable information on old printing press(not letter press though). A search of antique printing press forums, produces no sites with forums. The printing press museums don't do any actually printing of the antique machines. Here is the problem.

We are interested in having some Prints made from book art, about 2000 prints in total. What we are doing; Dan Maitz, Dave Seeley, Stephen Youll , Stephan Martiniere "The Kings of Fantasy Art" and I, Mr. T. Stout are trying to collaborate on a project from a novel, that involves each artist doing a piece of art inspired by the book The Vampire and The Rainbow. We wanted to make 500 copies of each artists work to be autographed. We also wanted to print to be something special, very unique, or something very unusual.

What we would like to know is, what are some special, unique, or very unusual printing processes ( printing by direct electricity or on metal sheets, etc.... Not just antique print(unless very rare) we want something special for the fans. Also if anyone can direct us to any forums, persons, or companies that could help us to complete this printing project.

Thank in advance for any help.

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computer-aided pyrography on leather ? - something of this sort:
Or stencil-cut designs using computerized laser methods - not sure who does these things. If Text is needed use a stencil-type font so that all the pieces will stay on the paper, , parchment or whatever...
keywords: computer aided design cad laser cutting
good luck

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> each artist doing a piece of art

Do you know what type of artwork it'll be? Line drawings? Water colors? Oil paintings? Photographs?

You'll want to pick a method that reproduces the art accurately, or at least inform the artists before they make the artwork about the printing method. Otherwise you'll get a lot of angry artists.

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The Museum for Druckkunst in Leipzig runs several letterpress printing machines and also offers Callotype (Lichtdruck) which is absolutely high-end for artwork – and extremely rare.

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