Issue with font validation in Maverics

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Hello! I just designed a dingbat font (all illustrations) and ran a test in Font Book in OS Maverics and it says "can not validate". I use FontLab 5.1.4 to generate. I don't have that problem when it's a letter font, only when I do an illustration one. It won't totally fine if you override and load it, no problems and computer still works fine. This problem does not exist on older OS versions.

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I read recently where MS Office on PC won't recognize a font if it doesn't have a basic Latin character set. Perhaps this is a similar problem.

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Check if you have these glyphs (and by this order in your index):


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New FontBook refuses to accept too many hints introduced in the dingbat font. Switch autohinting off and it will be OK.

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I do have .notdef but I can not remove it for some reason. I have tried deleted many times and it still shows up. It popped up when I generated the font for the first time and then it's always there. Any suggestions on how to permanently remove it?

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Although you can still make such fonts, it is good to know Symbol fonts are legacy. Unicode is the recommended way to go.

The .notdef glyph is a requirement, so don't try to get rid of it!

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Just tried removing the hinting and still the same problem. I'm not that proficient in programing, so I'm really stumped here. Any other things I can try?

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If anyone's willing to look at the file to help me out of this predicament, I'm more than willing to turn it over. It's 74 glyphs of teapots. It's called Tea and Crumpets.

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