WW2 Naval Chart Serif ID help

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Would anyone be able to identify this font and/or provide an approximation that is currently available?

Thank you for your help

Römisch Stehend
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A special map font, that has been digitized as is Römisch Stehend.

BTW the map lettering is on a 1922 map, only the updates are from the WWII era.

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Thanks very much Don.

Ah that is the date of the data on the map, but it was issued during WW2 - I'm a historian, not that bad on dates thankfully. After cropping the Reichsadler I can see why that might be a bit misleading, apologies.

I wasn't sure if the typeface was from the WW2 reissue or the original version (I don't have a copy of the original to hand), hence why the request was labelled as "WW2" - again, thanks for your help.

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Duplicate post

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No problem. As for the italic, the digitized Römisch Stehend family has merely a sloped Roman, as Römisch Liegend. The _g_ in your map is the most noticiable difference at this scale. You could edit Römisch Liegend or use another high contrast italic.

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Brilliant, thanks very much

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