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HY Gung So (Bold)
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Your mage at 40% and rearranged to make it easier to read in Typophile's small window:

This monotone font have been derived from a typewriter but it's not monospaced like a typewriter typeface. looks familiar. Now lets check.

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Very close to Courier (e.g. from Linotype) but it better matches to HY GungSo (Bold) available from Adobe.

I think the same glyphs are used in the Roman set of Gungsuh a Microsoft font supporting many codes pages and designed by HanYang I&C Co.,LTD. [2000]:

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You could use Serifa http://www.myfonts.com/search/serifa/fonts/ as a fairly similar substitute if you don't have a copy of HYGungSoStd or Gungsuh at hand. If you have a recent version of Windows you have Gungsuh installed.


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I checked the Latin glyph outlines in HY GungSo (Bold) and Gungsuh. I confirm that they do indeed match.

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