Do you own »Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering« by Tschichold?

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Hi guys,

My team partner and me are creating a book about sign painting in Paris. We detected a great critique about sign painters’ work in general in the german book version of »Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering« by Jan Tschichold and we want to implement his text into our book. We are germans so we have only access to the german version in our city. Sadly we haven't longer time to use the Inter-Library-Loan.

So I would like to ask you in a friendly way, if someone would be so kind to scan two pages for our project?

The text is kind of the beginning in the german book on page 9 and 10. The german headline is called “Schrift als künstlerische Aufgabe” which could had been translated in the english book “Type as artistic duty”.

Thank you very much :)

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If you have a idea to return the favor, I will do it :) (Maybe removing the background of a picture with a curly person in the foreground in Photoshop?)

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