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Please can anybody identify this for me, the Ivory Soap text? Thanks in advance

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As usual, don't know the original name and can't state if it's a font or a custom lettering. Closest approximation I have for the moment is Boston Truckstyle with a way-off /S...
More loosely similar: Tonic, Dialog

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Gavin - When you post something like this here, it is often helpful to tell us the source and, if known, date.

In this case, a very old Proctor & Gamble product with two O's that are very different makes it clear that this was a hand drawn label. No font involved. Ryuk had provided modern alternatives.

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Late 19th or early 20th century artwork in the form of a trademark. The most interesting features are the median spurs, the terminals on _S_ and the leg on the _R_.
Median spurs were usually used on Tuscan, i.e. split or fishtail terminal fonts, rather than ones with flat terminals.
A font in the latter style was digitized by Dan X. Solo under the name Cavalcade.

Unfortunately the only legitimate way to get this font is by purchase of a new or used copy of "24 Circus Display Fonts (Dover Electronic Display Fonts) (CD-ROM and Book)"
Previous discussion of a median spur non-Tuscan font
The trademark could be expanded to make an attractive font, pehraps with plain and rimmed variations.

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Ryuk suggested some modern alternatives. You could also look at three fonts by Michael Hagemann reviving 19th century typefaces: Cowboy Western
Miss Scarlett, which is a Tuscan
and Tenderfoot, which has terminals on the _S_ that are very similar to the ones in the Ivory Soap Trademark if they are rotated 90 degrees

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Adding Solotype Olympian (no sample) to the list.

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Dan X. Solo's Olympian

as packaged with "24 Victorian Display Fonts (CD-ROM and Book)"

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