Letterpress Serif Typeface

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Hello! Please let me know if you can identify this face!



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It's some cut of Caslon. Can you tell us the age of the sample, which would help narrow it down?

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More letters would be helpful. Especially some of the upper case ones. And knowing more about the source of the image, and its age would also help.

- Mike Yanega

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It looks like ITC Founders Caslon (probably #12 or #30) but it's a terrible digitization

Caslon Old Face from Bitstream also looks close

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Thanks very much Birdseeding, bowfinpw and fvilanakis!

@fvilanakis—it looks much like your suggestions.

@Birdseeding, bowfinpw—the sample is taken from a letterpress artist's publication from the 90s. But, I'm not sure about any of the specifics of the cut of the type.

Thanks again very much, I greatly appreciate your input.

Take care,


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