astroluxtype new font release: Redrail Superfast

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Bold mutant typography. Retro-futuristic. Sixties meets 1990’s comic book inspired, superfast for your superhero? The pencil tissue was dragged out from the very back of the file cabinet, stuck in the metal rail, it was lost then found- to bring a unique look to your project. A companion font to astroluxtype’s Spacepod, both fine ways to mark and identify your spacecraft. Note the lowercase letterforms that make connectors such as g, j, y, b, d and g. See the posters at for examples of how to you might use this feature. Redrail Superfast is a minimal glyph set which can be used at various sizes, we consider it a headline/display font and best applied larger than 36 points in size. Available at Link:

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What is the image file size for the site. Can someone give me specs for image size? Thanks much.

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I made a huge mistake with posting this like 8 times. I apologizes for my mistake. MODERATOR PLEASE remove all my posts in regards to REDRAIL SUPERFAST.

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I think ten posts of the same material is a bit over the top - please be more aware of what you are doing.

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Too easy to just go rat-ta-tat on the "Post" button when things feel slow. Hence all the multiposts when things were slow.

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Again my apologies for any problems I created in with my multiple posts.

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