like TNR, but...

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Dunno if this is a General Discussion question or more Design, but here goes. I'd love to lay my eyes on a typeface that's quite close to Times New Roman in its skeletal structure, but with the following differences: (1) optically monolinear; failing that, then having a very low stroke contrast, (2) serifs more slab-like than standard TNR.

Metric equivalence to TNR not relevant.

Is there such a face? What, to your eye, comes close? And are there any like this that are any good?

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As slab designs go, for me nothing beats Peter Noordzij's PMN Caecilia.

Admittedly, it's a pretty far cry from TNR.

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Well you helped me find Monotype's eText series of typefaces, which is related to my inquiry. But they don't have a TNR eText. (

Yeah, I'm not so much looking for a list of everyone's favorite slab faces. I'd like to see something quite a bit Times-like that's a little... ooophier. "...all while ensuring that the typefaces appear as unmistakable cousins of their original..."

Oh, and, hey, if there's something with a TNR-like skeleton that's a monolinear or low-contrast sans, I'd love to see that too.


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Have you looked at Life?

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Where does GFS Elpis fit into your ideas?

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What about Times Ten or Times Europa?

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Maybe a long-shot, but what about this?
But it's not released yet.


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Seeing that makes me think of Archer.

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Beaufort is based on Times, although I did stray.

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Concorde by G. G. Lange is an obvious Times kin. Although not monolinear.

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Dear Amado, have you considered Times’s own size-optimised varieties designed for body text composition? They are a few, e.g.,

  • Times Ten LT
  • Times Seven MT
  • Times New Roman MT Medium
  • Times LT Std Semibold
  • Times Small Text MT

Their stroke width contrast and their stroke weights vary considerably…

What about Monotype Plantin whose kinship to TNR was so strikingly evinced by Walter Tracy in his Letters of Credit: A View of Type Design (London and Bedford: Gordon Fraser Gallery Ltd., 1986)?

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Many productive directions for me to look here.

George, I've looked at Life from both sides now, from win and lose, and still somehow it's life's illusions I recall.

GFS Elpis looks amazing and, for my purposes, will just need a bit of a closer look.

Times Europa Office was easy to check out on and see that it might work very well indeed as a "screen Times."

hrant, I love that you take long shots.

I'm glad you showed me Beaufort, Nick. One thought was the tiny little almost-serifs such as you made. This too will need a closer look.

Both Concorde and Plantin are also great directions for me to look. I'll include them in my close-looks.

None of these are quite the "monolinear slab Times-variant" I imagined, but most are just what I was hoping to see. So, fantastic suggestions as always, folks. Thanks again.

I really don't know Life at all.

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