Font Pronunciations for Customer Service Department

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Hello! I am a trainer for a stationery company. We have a team of 100-300 production designers who work with our customers on the design/quality of their cards. Our company is very design orientated and I'd like to be sure our designers know how to properly say the font names we use.

I have been able to track down the correct pronunciations for many names, but there are a few I have been unable to confirm. I was wondering if I could get some help on with the pronunciation of the following names:

1. Bellucia

2. Despeinada

3. MissLeGatees

4. Penabico

Under a few I have some possible audios, but I have no idea if these are right for these fonts.

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it.

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1. Belluccia. You're on the right track: in Italian you would pronounce it like Bellucci, with a final |a| like in "pizza" ;)

2. Despeinada is a common Spanish word, so you should be able to find the right pronounciation somewhere (there could be slight differencies between european Spanish and south american Spanish).

3. Miss Le Gatees. You could ask directly to the nice people at Sudtipos:

4. Penabico. You can ask Paulo:

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For speakers of English (using this respelling key):

1) bel-LOO-cha
2) des-pay-NAH-doh
3) miss lə gah-TAY
4) pay-NAH-bee-koh

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Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful :) I'm excited to pass this information on to the team.

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