Step-by-step instructions to install FontLab Studio add-ons

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So, I have been working on writing up detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install RoboFab, FontTools/TTX and friends to go with FontLab Studio. Both Mac and Windows. I figured if I found some aspects non-obvious I would not be alone.

The scripts and such that one can run with these tools are very handy, even if you are not interested in writing your own scripts.

I am pretty much done, but before I post them on the FontLab blog, I could use a small number of folks who are interested in installing these bits, to test out my instructions. :) Especially on Windows, as it has fewer font-editing folks and doesn’t get as much attention.

If interested, just drop me a note here and I will pass you the current draft.

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I'm interested! I can test on XP and 7.
But I don't own a license to anything except FontLab itself. :-(


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TTX is free, and the 2.3 build reported to work well (esp. for adding the effect of "digital signatures" for Microsoft products).

2.4 has been reported to have a few problems.

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Hrant: All the other components are libre software, so no problemo. I will be in touch. I am just glad to have somebody on Windows.

Charles: TTX 2.4 has a few problems, but 2.3 is increasingly outdated and is not keeping up with new developments. So personally I am going for 2.4.

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i have an old Vista machine, although I may be the only one, so that may not be useful ;)

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Byte your tongue. I use a Vista at home, to stream to the TV. We even have an NT at work, what our accounting program runs on. For me, NT was the bulletproof operating system.

I'd offer to help, Thomas, but am a novice with TTX -- haven't quite figured out how I'll use it yet, aside from straightening out font naming for the various platforms. While we have and use NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, FontLab is only on my 7 at work, and my 8 (tablet) as portable. And I am using the TTX 2.3 build...

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I pinged Jason (via Twitter) to get his email address.

Charles, no particular expertise is required. This is just installs. You can skip the parts about installing the pieces you already have....

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Although it took FontLab 15 (or even 20 years?) to offer the user community a step-by-step guide how to install all the libraries, scripts and tools, I appreciate it. You will save hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of googling.

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Well, to be fair, Adam has posted this info before, it has just gotten a little bit out of date. Plus I wanted to create a Windows version as well.

Anyhow, you’re welcome. :)

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Charles, no particular expertise is required.

Thomas -- OK, I'm in. Believe you have my email address.

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Yes, I missed especially the Windows version. Many students of type design use Windows based computers and many resigned to install Python just because they could get reliable manual how to do that. Fortunately, in 2011 a good guy created It saved me probably several weeks my of life!

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Ooh, forgot about that one. Of course, it still refers to Python 2.4, and old versions of other components. That's part of why I wanted to do a new thing.

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