Retro script font

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The Carpenter
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This resembles Sudtipos Buffet, which is based on the work of Alf Becker. I could not find another similar Becker interpretation, but this font has many alternates and might be similar enough if the matching font does not turn up.

- Mike Yanega

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Sorry, that's not the one...

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It's not 100% the same, but close, Mercury Script

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Yes Mercury Script is close.
The same designer Emil Karl Bertell recently released a similar font, _Carpenter Script_ that could be used to duplicate the letters. Note that _Carpenter Script_ has: 1. An alternate _I_ that is almost identical to the sample. 2. An alternate _k_ with an upper loop similar to the sample. 3. An alternate _f_ that is almost identical to the sample. 4. An alternate _a_ that is is almost identical to the sample. 5. An alternate _t_ with the cross stroke extended backwards. Slope the phrase less than 5 degrees right and _Carpenter Script_ looks like a match, with almost no editing required.

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