Paragon Roman 6pt, an original 1920/30's artwork

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I would dearly love to identify the origins of this font.

I have purchased an original hand-drawn folio page for my friend (a massive typophile) to celebrate the birth of her first child.

The lady who sold me the sheet indicated that this was a Linotype font although I can't attest to whether she knew her stuff or was making an educated guess.

I've attached a photograph. The font seems to be called 'Paragon Roman' although web searches only came up with a modern font. The date in the lower left appears to be the 22nd of April 1927/37/47 although as it may be American, the date could be 27th April 1922.

Any help or uidance in tracking down the original font would be much appreciated.



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There is a serifed font called Paragon by Mergenthaler Linotype 1935 and Lionotype (London) designed by C. Griffith. The specimen in Jaspert's _Encyclopedia of Typefaces (1970)_ is a small point size but to my eye there is no conflict between the _o_ in the specimen and your hand drawn folio. Jaspert says that Paragon is lighter version of Excelsior -- same designer, 1931.
BTW, the words _6PT PARAGON ROMAN_ are in another font.

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