Fancy Script Font similar to Ottum

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I am working in a letterpress type shop over the summer. I have been tasked to find names for all the unknown type we have in our cabinets. This is one of them. Thank you in advance to whoever is able to help me.

LTC Cloister Oldstyle Cursive
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Skyline, the company that sells letterpress type, did not include this in their 2013 catalog.
If this is an American type, then it might be in McGrew's book, _American Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century_. Perhaps in Dan X. Solo's catalog. Digital?

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Try: LTCCloisterOldstyleCursive

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Thanks Dick, you jogged my memory.
These are capital letters from _Cloister Cursive_ designed by Morris Fuller Benton and sold by American Type Founders Company [ATF]. Here is a sample from ATF's 1923 Specimen Book

ATF featured the font with a four page presentation [pages 68 to 71].
There is a digital version by Jim Rimmer under the name LTC Cloister Cursive He also did additional bold and light weight digital versions.

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LTC Cloister Oldstyle Cursive is exactly the right right font. Thank you very much! You've helped me so much.

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