Stylistic alternates, stylistic sets – the proper way to get all gyphs to the user

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Hello everybody.
I'm at the very end of designing font which contains ss01, ss02, ss03 and some alternates of single glyphs like J, M, Adieresis and so on. What I'm trying to figure out is the best way ho to get all the glyphs usable in apps like Indesign and Illustrator.

so far I have
- ss01 glyphs
- ss02 glyphs
- ss03 glyphs
- salt with glyphs as ss01
- titling alternates J, M

Where to put Adieresis and few other alternates? Don't want to have them with ss01, because there is different approach.

Salt mabye? Or some different feature?

And is any way how to get ss02 ss03 to illustrator or photoshop?

Jan Charvat

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You need aalt to call all the other features. This allows InDesign users to pick any alternate glyph from the glyph palette even if the appropriate feature isn't supported.

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Titling is generally expected to apply to all caps, or even more, not just two letters. If you have only alternate versions of J and M, consider some other approach.

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Ok, that seems like a good idea I'll go with aalt with all the alternates including M and J.

Thank you both.

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