Vox-ATypI Classification: the XVIIth Century?

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¶ Maximilien Vox invented a system of classification that started in the XVth and ended in the XXth century.
But he omitted one century: the XVIIth.
How would you define it and call it by following Vox's word methodology?

¶ Thanks for your attempts.

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¶ Any theories so far?

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I would not follow Vox word methodology. Typeface classification should primarily be based on form, not on history.

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¶ What are the great typeface designers of the XVIIth century?
Jean Jannon
Christoffel van Dijck
Miklos Kis (neo-van Dijck)

¶ But also:
Dirk Voskens
Peter de Walpergen

¶ With a Vox's word methodology, it may be:
Jandijck (Jannon combined with van Dijck)

¶ So how would you define the XVIIth century based on form?

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I don’t understand why you need this ?
It’s a Garalde.
You can of course be more precise to refer to them but I don’t see that much difference to have a need for another term.

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The leaning of the roman by Jannon and van Dijck feature more contrast and the start of a vertical axis.
It's proto-transitional because of the religious bias of both designers.
The Dutch style influenced the roman of Caslon in the next decade.
Sanders call that era the Dutch Old Style but I think it's much more than a simple Dutch update.
He also omits Jannon.
"From Sedan to Amsterdam comes the Jandijck!"

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