Working toward my first font

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Pretty much new to the forums here, but I've been lurking on and off for years.

In that time, much of the stuff I've seen here has inspired me to finally chase the dream of putting my own font together. Over this weekend, I had a few sketches that stood out and I decided to run with them. The attached image is the lower-case result of those.

I know I'm still a bit early in the process, but I really wanted to get feedback right off the bat. I'm still trying to grasp the technical details of font design and would appreciate input in that regard. I'm sure there's at least a few faux paus here.

Overall, the style started its inspiration from the Verb font family. I liked the more angular feel it had to it, but wanted my own spin and something that leaned toward a serif rather than a sans.

So, with that, I'm excited to hear everyone's thoughts and input.

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nice start - the stems on the f and k look heavy.

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Spine of |s| looks weak.

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Where the thins branch off the stems, they look too thick, as if they thicken as they go in. This may be an optical illusion, but to counter it you may want to make them taper thinner as they join.
The horizontal terminal on /r/'s arm is awkward and doesn't really fit with the rest of the font (e.g. descender of /g/). Perhaps it should also be narrower.
Thick/thin pattern of /v/w/y/ feels backwards.
Crossbar of /f/t/ might be too thick.
/e/ looks too wide.
Are the right stems of h/m/n/u/ the same width as the left?
Lots of awkward curves but if you can work that stuff out there's promise in this.

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